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The Golog Support Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2007. The foundation is an initiative where we want to build a bridge between our small country that rests below sea level and connects to the rooftop of the world: Tibet. The locals, mostly nomads, have little or no access to health care and / or education and with this foundation we try to support them.

Why support?

The population indicates their needs and where opportunities lie; we help them to realize this. The motivating idea behind this is that the population receiving the assistance will, with their own strength, eventually continue their development. At the onset of the foundation we made the choice to acquire the ChildFund House, which was bought by a private initiative in 2006, and bring that under the auspices of the Golog Support Foundation. The property of this is part of our team in Golog.

In addition to medical care, in the rapidly changing Tibet, it is also important that children have access to education so that they have a future and achieve their dreams. Many children are born into a nomadic family and therefore have no fixed abode and school nearby. Our response to this is the Child Fund project. With the ChildFund we offer children a safe haven for our children with a host family, so that they have access to education at a local school. We provide the children with board and lodging, clothing, medical care and pay for their education.

What is unique to our organization is that our support is demand-driven. We do not think of what could be beneficial for the region, but our local team indicates where possibilities, chances or emergencies arise. From the Golog Support Foundation, we respond by linking people from the west to the initiatives in Golog by offering “primarily” financial support. We find it important that people do not just donate money, but our donors invest through their contributions into a local initiatives and projects that can bring benefit for future generations. Our ultimate goal is also to give the local people the ability on their own to organize, maintain and develop various projects.

Cooperation between the Golog Support Foundation and the locals are transparent and small to mention. We have direct contact with locals who are trusted relationships that exist through our initiator Jigmé Lama Namgyal. In addition, our organization works only with volunteers. Everyone that is involved does so through their own personal motivation linked to a heart connection and a piece of spiritual connection. It offers volunteers the opportunity to look beyond borders and frames of our own Western perspectives. They experience how the people on the rooftop of the world work together with love, compassion and equality.

Projects within the Golog Support Foundation

Since its inception, several projects have been launched to support and transferred to the local people and organizations. Below is an overview of the projects and the financial support.

An overview:

– 2006 Purchase ChildFund house: private initiative

– 2009 Child Fund: a total of € 2,500.00

– 2009 Action Bring the doctor near: total cost of € 5,274.05

– 2010 Opening Healthcare center: building € 15,200.00

– 2011 Health Care Center: supply and construction € 15,415.00

– 2012 Children: Total € 1,500.00

– 2012 Emergency in self-defense: total € 2,000.00

– 2012 Action an orphanage for Golog

– 2013 Action an orphanage for Golog: total investment in 2013 € 42,500.00

– 2015: Earthquake Nepal: €3.600,00

– 2015: Orphans Golog Childfund: € 10.000,00

Our mission

(Articles June 5, 2007)

The foundation Golog Support Foundation aims to develop activities to support, financially or otherwise, medical / education and other projects to promote the welfare of the people of Tibet; in particular, the Golog region. It seeks to achieve its objective, among other things, by raising funds or otherwise facilitating projects.

The Golog Support Foundation is a nonprofit organization which means there is no profit motive and the objective is to support private or public affairs for noncommercial, often social purposes. (Source: Wikipedia)

In Europe, the Golog Support Foundation group classified by:

* Netherlands

* Luxembourg

* Ireland

In turn each project has their own governance and accountability policies but share a joint goal. During the creation of the Golog Support Foundation we divided our endeavors into three work areas:

* Golog Education

* Golog Healthcare

* Golog Child Fund

Our vision

We believe that by making use of our individual qualities we can blur the boundaries between us. We bring the positive aspects of Tibetan and Western culture together, thus creating opportunities for the nomadic population in Golog. Besides contributing to the current living conditions of our fellow man, we are also aimed at future generations.

We strive to make others acquainted with Tibetan culture and human values and wisdom hidden therein.