The mobile health team

“Bring the doctor nearby”

The population in Golog depends on a hospital which at least 8 hours away by car. Principally for the elderly, pregnant women, and newborns it is extremely likely that they will die needlessly and prematurely. But also for the people who are able to reach this hospital, assistance is not guaranteed.

In response to this situation, we started in 2009, the project  bring the doctor nearby”. A mobile team consisting of a doctor, a nurse and a secretary equipped with a tent, truck and stock medicines ventured through nomadic plains.

The ~ bring the doctor nearby ~ project was a resounding success!

The rumor about the doctor moved quickly spread across the mountains and through the valleys. Therefore, our medical team received 1,800 people who were provided with a free consultation and medicines. Everything was entirely based on traditional Tibetan medicine. The cost for this project ultimately totaled 4.500 euros.

The success of the mobile team gave hope to the nomads who contributed with a surprisingly dynamic energy, entrepreneurship and cooperation. In early 2010, it became possible to build a permanent health center in the Darlag province.

On a donated piece of land from a local monastery was built a center equipped with six rooms. (Pende Menkhang)

The mobile health team
The waiting room