Lama Jigmé Namgyal

The founder of the charitable organization Golog Support Foundation is Lama Jigme Namgyal. He was born in 1973 in a nomadic family in the Golog region in Tibet. When he was 8 years old, Lama Jigme entered the Tratsok monastary where stayed until he was 18 and went to Sertar Larung Gar.

After deliberation with his teacher, Lama Jigme decided to leave Tibet to come to Europe. This is a big step since he was not truly competent in English and knew very about European culture. When he began to establish a life for himself in Europe, he quickly learned the English language and made the westen culture his own.   

Lama Jigme is not only the founder of the Golog Support Foundation, but is also a Buddhist teacher connected to the Tibetan Buddhist center Phuntsok Cho Ling in Rotterdam and has a center in Luxemburg, Centre Cultural Tibetain.

New Year message from Lama Jigmé

Dear Friends and Students,

At this time, as an old year is closed and a new year has begun, I would like to share this message with you. While the Western New Year does not correspond to the Tibetan Losar (which this year will be on 27 February 2017), it is nonetheless a good time to look back at what has been achieved and to look forward to what remains to be accomplished.

According to Tibetan custom, I would therefore like to wish you, as well as your families and friends, Tashi Delek! Tashi means auspiciousness, whereas Delek means excellent well-being.