Golog Education

School education is now entirely provided on a voluntary basis by three instructors who stay are monks in the monastery. With sufficient funding, there would be a possibility to hire at least one teacher. Course material (such as books, pens and other basic supplies that are needed to follow and give teachings.)

Golog Healthcare, Pende Menkhang

The active doctors in our hospital in Pende Menkhang are all monks. This can be uncomfortable especially for female patients. 

  • In particular, if women are in need of gynecological care. There is great need for a non-monk (female) doctor.
  • More experienced and trained nurses and doctors are also needed. Because the monastery itself is in such a remote spot, there are not many doctors willing to choose to make this their workplace. More room and better beds. A wooden medicated bath.
  • Due to the high prevalence of arthritis – joint problems (80%) is a medical bath is a must. Tuberculosis is also seen in many patients who visit the hospital.
  • An operating room. At this time, people must travel long distances to the big cities to reach a hospital with surgical facilities. This could include distances as far as 400 to 500 kilometers. In many situations, every minute counts making it impossible to reach a hospital in time for those that are experiencing an emergency.
  • A temple room, altar, medicine Buddha.

medicine buddha

In the Tibetan tradition, it is very common for medications to be blessed. A medicine Buddha, temple or shrine room would do very welcome in the center. For Tibetans, it is essential that drugs are blessed by a lama and this contributes to a positive effect on the mind.

Golog Healthcare, Gabde County

  • All facilities belonging to it can provide general health care.
  • All provisions pertaining to the provision of reproductive health care