Golog Healthcare

Five days walking to get to a doctor, eight hours traveling by bus to get to a hospital. This is the daily life for the nomadic population of Golog. We can bring the doctor closer by, can you help us with it?

The Situation
The inhabitants of the Golog region have little or no access to medical care or health care. The doctor is literally too far away, but often too expensive to be accessible. Because of this many people die unnecessarily, including young mothers with their babies before, during, or after childbirth.

The Golog Support Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and education of the Tibetan nomadic population. We are an independent foundation that has no religious or political bond. The main goal of the foundation is to improve the living conditions of all people in the Golog region by setting up health centers. We want to bring the doctor literally closer so the most vulnerable people in the region also have access, and many lives could be saved.

Our desire is twofold;
1). Offering free medical care for the poorest
2). And as quickly as possible to provide medical assistance to mothers-to-be and their infants, so that mortality can be drastically reduced. Everyone is entitled to health care and would like to live in good health.

Our Locations
For our medical facilities we have selected two sites in the Darlag area. Both are located so that they are accessible in both summer and winter for locals. Thus we reach a total of approximately 50,000 people who are now deprived of immediate medical attention.

"Phende Menkhang"

Phendhe Menkhang; the hospital that will be bring as an advantage the source of happiness. At the beginning of 2010, the opportunity…

Mobile health team

The population in Golog depends on a hospital which at least 8 hours away by car. Principally for the elderly, pregnant women, and…

The 2nd health care center in "Gabde"

The health care center is made of concrete with a steel structure to protect against earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Locatie overzicht Location overview